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༺ Can You Handle a Twisted Fairy Tale? ༻

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My kind of girl…and if she’s not yet, then I’ll find my ways to make game days special! She will learn to love football season, even if it’s just loving me.

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Erica Nagashima

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Goodnight <3

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Late night thoughts: 

Tell me what it’s like to feel so drawn to someone that you’re constantly thinking of them, awaiting their arrival, seeking them out to make sure that they are okay. What is it like to know that you are worthy of someone’s love, touch, desire, and time. To feel and know that you are irreplaceable. Tell me what it is like to love someone so completely that though your bodies are separate your heart,mind, and souls are one…Tell me what it is like for someone to say ” I’m yours and You are mine…”. 

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This is probably the greatest thing you will see all day. You’re welcome.


always a fun thing to do..

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good thing i got buns 😇

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