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I hate how work is taking me away from the things that I enjoy the most. Like reading, writing, sleeping, being on tumblr….I need to find a better schedule so I can work the hours I want and still do the things that I love. 


This still…



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Love love love!

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Most women can make a man hard with a few teasing flashes of flesh, bats of long eyelashes, and a practiced game of flirting. But, there are those special few that see deeper into His soul. With trust and grace she embraces not only the little boy inside that yearns to be seen, but also pours out respect and admiration for the strong man, and finally, upon her knees in surrender she beckons the beast, that fierce darkness that she needs unleashed upon her as much as He needs to release it, to claim, mark, lead, and protect her. Yes, most women can offer good sex, but the gift a submissive woman gives goes beyond just that… a gift like that is precious and her value is immeasurable.
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You need to do this

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"Early Light, Loch Rusky"
by David Mould


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Roses to brighten a rainy day…

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